Real Estate Newswire now available on Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana voice devices – Wire Real Estate

Real Estate Newswire now available on Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana voice devices

Apr 6, 2019

Wire.RealEstate powered by Google

Wire.RealEstate powered by Google has launched Real Estate Newswire on Google and Amazon Devices as part of a comprehensive artificial intelligence driven marketing communications platform focused on the real estate industry. In recent news articles Google has announced exceeding one billion voice devices for its Assistant application and Amazon announced over 10,000 employees worldwide dedicated to its voice application, Alexa.

In 2018 the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) was seen as the front line of the battle between the voice giants with each one trying to outdo the other on the marketing front – in fact, the 2018 holiday season which became the proving ground for consumer adoption proved beyond a doubt that voice devices and applications will become mainstream in our lives as have computers and smart phones.

“When it comes to voice, we are farther along than many think,” Colin Morris, a director at Adobe Analytics told WWD in November 2018. “In many ways, it feels like we are nearing the point in the mobile boom right before the levees burst, and we witnessed the flooding of apps into the market.” In the 5 months since this article appeared the levees have burst, and now entire radio station and television networks are wither live on coming on board. In December, Google revealed that it’s been working with the likes of NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, American Public Media and more than a dozen other news organizations in order to “think through the future of audio news.”

A recent article mentioned that the installed user base for voice-interactive smart displays among U.S. adults rose 558% in 2018 according to a national survey conducted by Voicebot and Voicify and presented in the 2019 U.S. Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report. In addition, the relative share of smart speaker owners with a display more than doubled in the second half of the year.

“Voice technology is a perfect addition to the Wire.RealEstate powered by Google SaaS platform enabling us to make real estate related press releases, announcements and newsletters available on voice devices in local markets and worldwide” said Hector Botero, President of Wire.RealEstate. “The magnitude of reach and cost efficiency is unmatched – this is a technology trend whose time has come”.

To access Real Estate Newswire on voice devices, use these commands:

Alexa, open Real Estate Newswire

Hey Google, open Real Estate Newswire

To publish your news and information on Real Estate Newswire simply go to



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