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Raquel Vendome: A Pioneering Force In Contemporary Architecture

Apr 12, 2019

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New York, New York,– Raquel Vendome is truly a pioneering force in modern architecture. In fact, she has built a real-estate empire that continues to carry the legacy of her father, Antonio Vendome. As the brainchild behind the “Habitable Structure” design movement, Antonio spearheaded the trend of creating contemporary structures with aesthetic and functional appeal. This led to the formation of Vendome Property Management, one of the top real-estate and architectural firms in the Big Apple.

Vendome Property Management is a reputable and seasoned family business in New York. Currently managed by Raquel Vendome and her father, the dynamic duo continues to be a major force in the industry. However, there was a time when Raquel was anything but interested in real-estate. In fact, she studied at Locust Valley High School and majoring in Early Childhood Education at Lynn University in Boca Raton. She graduated from this prestigious college and pursued her passion for working with children.

Still, Raquel knew she would join the thriving and growing family business in the near future. This led to her entrance into the firm in 2010 to work alongside her legendary father. Today, both Raquel and Antonio continue to create architectural works of art. They also combine their passion for the business based on the monumental success of past projects and developments. For Raquel, she had to learn the family business from scratch. This includes long hours of learning and research, including property acquisition and creating business relationships with fellow architects, designers, builders and especially clients.

Since joining the company in 2010, Raquel has made her own mark on the industry with cutting-edge concepts and designs. In fact, her work — with her dad- continues to be heralded across New York and the nation. The Vendomes have appeared in several media publications and continue to be one of the most renowned architectural families in the world today. Raquel attributes her success to her father Antonio. In fact, he continues to be her mentor and guide in this fast-paced and challenging industry.

Raquel used to watch her dad work tirelessly to build Vendome Property Management into an architectural empire. It’s his passion, dedication, and commitment that drove Raquel to work equally as hard. Today, the firm is known for its honesty, integrity, and commitment to excellence in all designs and builds. Vendome Property Management is truly a visionary in the world of contemporary design. They manage properties in Manhattan and Queens, including the famous “Urban Glass House” which is a 16-story condo development.

Raquel and Antonio are also developing a 26-story condo based on the habitable structure movement. This modern sky-rise will be built along York Ave and 62nd street. This is a joint project with the world-renowned architect, Philip Johnson. The condo is slated to add to the majestic beauty of New York City’s skyline. Similarly, you will see accents of Picasso and Braque within the structure’s design and styles.

Habitable structures are burgeoning venues for residential and commercial clients. These lavish and elegant units feature ample storage space and legroom. Similarly, they showcase exquisite interiors, as well as the latest in smart technologies and amenities. This project will also feature commercial storefronts in the lower part of the building. The condo development is close to dining, entertainment and transportation hubs for all residents and investors.This is but one of several planned projects that the Vendomes have in store for New York. As a real-estate force that has garnered global media attention, Raquel Vendome and Antonio want to take their property management firm to new heights. At the same token, they want to create stunning architecture with aesthetically-pleasing visuals for the eye. However, they also want these structures to seamlessly blend in with the environment and truly facilitate the needs of all residents.

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