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Preclose Hosts Webinar to Educate Real Estate Agents on the Value of Transaction Coordination Services

Apr 22, 2019

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CHARLESTON, S.C.— Preclose, a leading provider of Transaction Coordination service and software, is excited to announce that they are hosting a webinar on April 24, 2019 at 2:00 PM EDT to discuss the Top Three Signs It’s Time to Hire a Transaction Coordinator. This year, Preclose has made a shift toward Transaction Coordination Services. The company is still focused on delivering its software to streamline the contract-to-close process, but realized that the experience could be even better by combining it with service.

Preclose has built a team of Transaction Coordinators that meet core criteria centered around culture, technology aptitude, ability to manage stress, and a passion for customer success. Preclose’s Transaction Coordinators work as an extension of Agents’ businesses, and create a consistent experience for all parties involved in the transaction. Agents that utilize Transaction Coordination services are able to save 10 or more hours on every transaction by allowing the Transaction Coordinator to handle all of the time-consuming administrative tasks associated with the contract-to-close process. The service is ideal for Agents that process at least three transactions a month, and have reached a point where they can’t continue to grow their business because they’re too busy trying to facilitate all of the tasks to keep a closing on track. Preclose created its upcoming webinar to educate Agents on when it’s the right time to hire a Transaction Coordinator service.

About the Webinar

Agents using our Transaction Coordination service have given us details on what happened in their day-to-day operations that caused them to have the epiphany that it was time to hire a Transaction Coordinator. Join us for a 30-minute webinar where we’ll dive into the top three signs it’s time to hire a Transaction Coordinator with our awesome Panelists: Rebecca Gurthrie, CEO and Founder of Preclose, and Holly Barclay, VP of Transaction Coordination Services.

The Top Three Signs:

  1. You dropped the ball on something for a buyer or seller.
  2. You’re thinking about training your assistant on the closing process.
  3. You have all of the leads, but none of the processes in place for efficient closings.

About the Speakers

Rebecca Guthrie, CEO and Founder of Preclose

Rebecca has 15 years in the real estate and mortgage industries, focusing on streamlining business operations through processes and technology. After years with one of the leading real estate CRM companies, she watched the massive shift of the real estate industry to take transactions online. However, quickly noticed the closing process is the one piece of the puzzle that’s been left behind. With this huge opportunity staring her in the face, she knew there was a way to support real estate agents in a way that would allow them to build their business for the future.

Holly Barclay, VP of Transaction Coordination Services for Preclose

Holly has a dynamic background in operations, and has helped many companies put processes in place to stand up successful projects and programs across financial services and real estate. In addition to being operationally minded, Holly is passionate about customer success and has been a pivotal asset to the Preclose team and delivering a great experience for each Agent and Broker that we serve with our Transaction Coordination Services.

About Preclose

Preclose is transforming the real estate transaction experience through an exceptional Transaction Coordination service that is tech-enabled and creates visibility for all parties engaged in the closing process. Our solutions liberate agents from manual, paper-based processes that occur between contracting and closing, and enable them to spend more time doing what they love—creating a great customer experience for home buyers to increase sales. Chaos is fun at surprise parties, but not during closing. We take the chaos out of closing. Preclose is proudly based in Charleston, SC and has a growing team on a mission to create the ideal contract-to-closing experience through the entire customer journey.

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