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System 2 Thinking Launches the Groundbreaking 51-Jurisdiction National Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual

Jul 22, 2019

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NYC-based management consultancy System 2 Thinking has published TheUltimate Real Estate Transaction Compliance Manual, the only encyclopedic guide to the laws and customs that govern real estate transactions in all 51 jurisdictions in the United States. 

Its authors are Allen Solomon, CEO and president of System 2 Thinking; Roberto Abreu, chief compliance officer at System 2 Thinking; and Steve Daigle Sr., founder and chairman of Punctual Abstract, one of the largest abstracting firms in the United States.

The manual is the result of 15 years of work that began when Solomon was the national managing director for Linear Title & Closing in the early 2000s. It was his responsibility to ensure compliance, so he created what was anecdotally known as a “cheat sheet” of all state-specific laws and customs to use as the company expanded into new states. 

By the time he retired, the cheat sheet had grown to 46 states. Over the next few years, Solomon, Abreu and Daigle expanded the cheat sheet into a truly comprehensive, 51-jurisdiction manual with carefully ShepardizedⓇ citations for each statute and regulation.

“If I had this book 25 years ago, I would have kissed it,” Solomon said. “I experienced first-hand the need for this kind of manual and the need is even greater now as different players — from real estate brokerages, mortgage divisions and title agencies to PropTech companies — are trying to speed up and automate transactions. No matter how fast you go, these rules still underpin and structure the transactions. There was no state-by-state compliance guide for executives, compliance officers or technologists looking to disrupt real estate. Nobody seemed to want to create one. So I created it myself with great assistance from my colleagues Steve Daigle and Roberto Abreu.”

The Manual can be purchased in digital format. Each copy of the 210-page manual is a comprehensive reference guide that provides targeted and essential information, common pitfalls and peculiarities of working in every jurisdiction.

“The goal was to provide a clear view of each state’s recording laws, property tax structure, how title is vested, who can legally close or disburse a transaction, foreclosure law and statute of limitations laws and much more,” said Marc Shaw, president of World Wide Land Transfer Inc., who wrote the manual’s foreword. “The goal was met with this concise, effectively segmented manual.”

About System 2 Thinking

System 2 Thinking is trusted by real estate service providers, tech startups and Fortune 1000 companies to consistently deliver transformational outcomes in competitive environments. 

We drive innovation and fuel business acceleration with corporate strategic planning, licensing, competitive consulting, compliance reviews, technology rollouts and process optimization.

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