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Out With the Fake, in With the Real With the Latest realtor.com® Campaign

Jul 23, 2019

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Realtor.com®, The Home of Home SearchSM, has debuted a new wave of advertising in its nascent “Homes, for the Real of UsSM” campaign that celebrates the “realness” of home-buying by poking fun at TV-fueled stereotypes and reinforcing that realtor.com helps real buyers find real homes that meet their real needs. The campaign will run on national broadcast, digital and social media through October 2019.

“There are a lot of fantasies out there when it comes to where you live, but the reality of owning your own home outshines every megamansion, every mountainside retreat, every ultra-modern, minimal abode. It’s where you spend time and make memories with the people who matter most in your life,” says Andrew Strickman, head of brand and chief creative for realtor.com. “Our new campaign serves as a humorous reminder to not be discouraged by unattainable stereotypes, and that realtor.com is here to help you find a real home that matters to you.”

Created by realtor.com’s agency of record, Huge, Homes, for the Real of Us is built around the concept that real beats the fantasy, and the homes available on the site and its app are the truest representation of what homes are right for the vast majority of searchers rather than what’s often seen on reality television and social media.

Realtor.com’s latest creative spots double down on the concept, by first presenting viewers with an overly dramatized, over-the-top fantasy home and lifestyle. Viewers are then shown a real person searching for a normal home in a more realistic price range using realtor.com. Each spot focuses on a different realtor.com feature that helps the home buyer narrow their search.

“Today’s world, be it through television shows, celebrities, influencers or social media, can set some very unreal expectations on what life should be. But people don’t live in that unreal world; they live in a very real world with very real needs and especially with very real budgets,” says Fede Garcia, global executive creative director at Huge. “With this campaign, we wanted to show them how realtor.com has the tools to help them find a place that they love because it’s exactly what they need.”

The first of the six new creative spots, titled “Socialites,” opens with typical over-the-top reality TV socialites, complaining about the proximity of the next-door mansion. It promptly cuts to a more realistic scene where a much more relatable homebuyer, sipping lemonade rather than white wine, uses the lot size filter to search for her new home with a bit more distance from her annoying next door neighbor. The additional spots in the campaign continue to capitalize on the juxtaposition of extreme, Instagram-perfect, yacht-owning, mansion-living lifestyles of the rich and famous to the reality of what most people want in a home.

The newest creative builds on the first wave of the campaign, which launched in April 2019.


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