New York City-Based Real Estate Startup, Cazizo, Proudly Announces the Beta Launch of Their Listing Platform – Wire Real Estate

New York City-Based Real Estate Startup, Cazizo, Proudly Announces the Beta Launch of Their Listing Platform

Sep 4, 2019

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NEW YORK, – The founders of Cazizo are well-seasoned vets of the NYC real estate game. They worked alongside each other as brokers and agents for years, and it has given them priceless insight into the frustrations plaguing the industry professionals. They knew Cazizo needed to diverge from the hackneyed listing platforms occupying the NYC market at present. It needed to drastically improve the way brokers and agents advertise their rental and sale listings, and it needed to be affordable. Cazizo isn’t reinventing the wheel, it’s just giving it a much-needed overhaul.

Those at Cazizo have a deep understanding of the symbiosis that exists between the brokers and agents, and renters and buyers of New York City. In order for a platform to be successful in this market, it must simultaneously cater to both groups in a meaningful and substantial way. Cazizo’s creators have worked tirelessly to give brokers and agents a platform that is more affordable when compared to the current pay per listing model. They have heard the loud voices of the renters and buyers demanding a platform that is transparent and easy to use, and are committed to making that a reality for them. Cazizo’s listings have very clear price breakdowns, with gross and net prices plainly visible and a system that ensures it’s easy for fake or inaccurate listings to be eliminated. Cazizo has a one-click renewal system so that agents can easily refresh their posts without having to entirely replace the listing. This feature allows for the maintaining of an honest and transparent platform. These are just a few of the features Cazizo has developedand their goal is to continue to push themselves to create a superior listing platform experience for New York City.

Their vision for the company stretches far beyond the scope of that outlined above. With dedication, hard work and the support of New York City, Cazizo aims to become a pillar of the city’s real estate community.


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