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Real Estate Attorney Long Island, Markotsis & Lieberman, P.C., Discuss 5 Ways to Build Rapport with Legal Clientele

Feb 28, 2019

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HICKSVILLE, N.Y. — Studies show that clients are more likely to hire lawyers that they like and trust. These types of relationships take work and are grown over time. Personal connections and commonality help create bonds between attorneys and their clients. This bonding is essential to having a positive client experience. Real Estate Attorney Long Island, Markotsis & Lieberman, P.C., is discussing the top ways to build rapport with legal clientele. Keep reading to start implementing these tips with your clients today.

  1. Know yourself and act like it.This one may seem simple, but it’s often forgotten. A person who is confident and secure in themselves are more likely to be perceived as authentic and trustworthy. Look inward to define your strengths and motivations and share those with your clients. You’re going to have a more difficult time building rapport with someone if you aren’t open and honest with them about who you are.
  2. Appeal to others by sharing value.Your relationship with your client is mutually beneficial. You’re both looking to gain a positive outcome in the end. Try starting off by finding a way to give something useful and meaningful to your clients such as sharing a previous experience or a relevant article. It doesn’t have to be something significantly large or personal; a small but genuine gesture can go a long way.
  3. Be respectful of their opinions, even if you disagree.It’s okay to disagree with your client and it’s likely to happen at some point in the course of your relationship. What’s most important in those situations is to act respectfully and explanatory when doing so. It’s your job to provide your client with the best legal advice and information you have available and this may be difficult for them to grasp sometimes. Take the time to explain why you’re disagreeing and allow them to fully understand. Sometimes, you may just have to agree to disagree, so long as the disagreement does not affect your representation of the client.
  4. Communication is key.Always keep open communication with your clients, even when there isn’t much to say. Use words that you notice they use and do your best to speak their language. Be mindful of non-verbal communication as well and pay attention to things like facial expressions and body language. Ensure your client is comfortable asking you any and all questions regarding their case and that you’re guiding them every step of the way. 
  5. Keep them advised of status.Clients like to know what is happening in their matters.  You should make it a point to update them whenever something of note happens.  If there has been a period of time when nothing has happened, you should let them know that nothing has happened with a brief explanation why.  Litigation clients should also receive copies of documents that are filed and/or served in their cases.

Building rapport with clientele is key to developing a healthy working relationship. It will also make your clients more likely to refer their friends and family to your firm, increasing your profitability. Be mindful of the tips provided above and see how easy it is to develop positive relationships and increase client satisfaction.

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