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Local Firm Premier Property Buyers Pledges Donations to Autism Foundations for Every Sale

May 16, 2019

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SEAL BEACH, Calif., — Most homeowners assume there are only two ways to sell their house: the traditional way, with a real estate agent, or For Sale by Owner (FSBO). Often, home sellers are unaware of a third option, which can help them save money and time and eliminate a lot of the stress associated with selling a property. Homeowners can bypass the cost and work involved in the home selling process when they choose to sell their house directly to a home buying firm like Premier Property Buyers.

Selling through Premier Property Buyers is fast and convenient, but there’s another reason that many homeowners are now choosing to work with this firm. Owners Eric and Jackie have pledged to donate a portion of every sale to specially chosen autism foundations. These donations will help to raise awareness about autism and provide treatments for those in need.

Premier Property Buyers: The Fast Cash Way

Selling a house through a real estate agent is the traditional method of home sales. The homeowner simply teams up with a trusted agent to list the house. This method works well for homeowners who can spend money on repairs, who don’t mind waiting to sell their house and who are willing to pay agent commissions in the hopes of a higher return. Some people decide to save money on commissions by skipping the use of an agent and selling a property themselves. This is called the “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) method. The owner will list their house, show it to potential buyers and close the deal themselves.

But there’s a third option: sell your home to a buying firm for fast, reliable cash! With this method of selling a home, sellers never have to deal with the work and expense involved in the listing process. They can sell their house directly to a professional cash home-buying firm like Premier Property Buyers, one who is ready to buy the house as-is right now. This process is easier, quicker and most of all, it doesn’t cost the homeowner anything! This method is best for people who don’t want to spend upfront on repairs or wait for a buyer and who want to avoid paying any commissions, closing costs or fees.

A Family-Owned Business Committed to Making a Difference

The decision for the owners of Premier Property Buyers to partner with autism foundations stems from a strong belief that businesses should work toward bettering the communities they serve. However, it was also influenced by their family’s experiences. For owners Eric and Jackie, the struggle with autism became personal when their daughter was diagnosed with autism at an early age. By donating a portion of every sale to autism foundations, Eric and Jackie hope to create a ripple effect of support, outreach and understanding. The owners were inspired by the positive impact other altruistic firms have made, such as We Buy Houses in Connecticut, who’ve committed to giving back by providing ongoing support to the nation’s wounded veterans. They hope to inspire other organizations, as well, through their work with autism.

Premier Property Buyers is a family-owned business in Seal Beach. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have built a reputation in the region as a transparent, reliable home buying firm.

Contact Eric or Jackie
Premier Property Buyers
200 Harvard Ln
Seal Beach, CA 90740
(949) 356-6763

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