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Medical Real Estate Developers Simone Discusses How Boutique Hospitals are Reshaping Space and Design Needs of Healthcare Facilities

Jun 8, 2019

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BRONX, N.Y, — When most people think of a hospital, cold linoleum floors and the strong scent of sanitizer might come to mind– long lines and crowded waiting rooms may not be left out either. However, the healthcare industry is beginning to evolve, growing into the service economy by acknowledging a need for increased focus on customer satisfaction and the patient experience. Here enters: the Boutique Hospital.

Medical real estate developer, Simone, discusses how Boutique Hospitals are reshaping the medical space and redefining the design needs of healthcare facilities in recent years. Learn more about Boutique Hospitals and their impact on the healthcare industry below.

  • What is a boutique hospital? 
    • A boutique hospital is a hospital that takes healthcare as a service to another level. Pushed as a higher standard or health-care, boutique hospitals are generally less crowded, more efficient, and highly intimate medical experiences for patients. Equipped with specialty services, high-quality decor and furnishings, and unmatched comfort, boutique hospitals have the air of a hotel, alongside talented medical professionals and unrivaled healthcare.
  • How is boutique healthcare changing the industry as we know it?
    • Promoting preventative care: Many boutique hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art wellness centers, focused on promoting a preventative lifestyle to patients. Healthcare professionals assist patients in optimizing their fitness regime and dietary habits for their health in order to maximize their wellbeing, minimize symptoms of any conditions, and lower their risk of illness in the future.
    • Putting patient comfort first: Tailored with high-thread-count sheets and resort-quality bathrobes, boutique hospitals prioritize the comfort of their patients. Often there’s a menu of services that patients can take advantage of, including massages, special meals, and other specialized care. Making patients feel at ease at all times is a priority for boutique hospitals, so many develop serene outdoor areas, plush waiting rooms, and luxurious lobbies and patient rooms designed with care.
    • Offering multiple specialists under one roof: Boutique hospitals are not only high-quality in room service, but also in medical service. Housing many high-skilled medical professionals under one roof, Boutique hospitals can expedite patient treatment and ensure that their customers are able to be seen by any required specialists promptly, without needing to travel.

Boutique hospitals are transforming the luxury healthcare industry, and show that there is a demand for the highest-quality medical experiences on the market. Healthcare is a service industry, and Boutique Hospitals are the best service you can get.

About Simone Health Development Companies: 
Simone Health Development Companies is a full-service real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition and development of office, retail, industrial and healthcare properties in the New York tristate area. Headquartered in the Bronx, the privately held company owns and manages more than 5 million square feet of property in the BronxWestchester CountyQueensLong IslandConnecticut, and New Jersey. The company’s portfolio includes more than 100 properties and ranges from multi-building office parks to retail and industrial space. The largest and most successful development from Simone Health is the 42-acre Hutchinson Metro Center office complex located directly off the Hutchinson River Parkway in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx. The first two phases of the complex, which comprise nearly 750,000 square feet of Class A office and medical space, are fully leased. Two additional phases totaling 650,000 square feet (370,000-square-foot Metro Center Atrium and 280,000-square-foot Tower Two), are completed and fully leased.


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