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Long Island Real Estate Lawyer, Markotsis & Lieberman P.C., Explains Three Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney When Buying a House

Aug 26, 2019

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HICKSVILLE, N.Y., – The idea of buying a new house can be quite scary and intimidating. It is a huge investment for which people save for many years in order to have the opportunity to make that purchase. This process is also not the easiest and requires many professionals to assist you along the way. When considering one of the largest purchases of your life, you don’t want to run into any conflicts or issues. Hiring a real estate attorney can help you avoid these problems and guide you throughout the real estate process. Long Island Real Estate Lawyers, Markotsis & Lieberman Esq., explain three reasons to hire a real estate attorney when buying a house.

Have your interests protected 
You found your dream home, and everything seems to be going smoothly. You may ask yourself, why do I need to spend more money on an attorney? It is important to have an attorney because they will know what to do in order to protect your interest when making one of the biggest purchases of your life. Sometimes those involved in your process are not necessarily looking out for your best interests because they only care about the transaction closing. It is crucial to hire a real estate attorney because they will care, prioritize and represent YOUR interests. 

It is important to hire a real estate attorney to assist you in buying a house because they are experienced and can confidently guide you through the process. With an attorney by your side, you are put in a position where you feel comfortable and not at all overwhelmed. Instead of going in blind, your attorney can bring their own experiences to the table, they understand your rights, they are aware of what the consequences are, and are able to determine what can go wrong in the future.  An experienced attorney will be able to work around issues in ways that an agent or yourself may not have thought of.

Having an attorney is crucial when buying a home because they will have knowledge of the local market, great negotiation skills and experience in managing transactions. In a situation where an issue arises, your attorney will know how to handle the issue effectively and efficiently during any given transaction. Buyers that try to tackle risks on their own end up making errors that hurt them in the long run, and could have been prevented by an experienced professional.

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