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Innovative Real Estate Startup ‘Bōdes’ Well for Alberta Home Buyers and Sellers

Sep 12, 2019

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CALGARY, Alberta,  Homeowners frustrated with high real estate commissions and an inefficient home buying and selling process now have a new option called Bōde. Unlike any other real estate platform out there, Bōde is the first to directly connect buyers and sellers so they can work out a deal on their own time, their own schedule and on their own terms, without a real estate agent.

“There is a lot of supply in the Alberta market right now and people are motivated to keep as much of their home value as possible,” says Bōde CEO Robert Price, a former executive at telecom disruptor Axia. “So, the timing is ideal because the cost savings are dramatic, and the result is that homes sell faster, buyers pay less and sellers make more.”

The listing service is aimed at a large and growing market of digital consumers who are already comfortable making large purchases online – Airbnb, Amazon and eBay.

Bōde’s pricing model is unique because it only charges a flat and low 1% fee once the property sells. That’s in stark contrast to the average 4% commission charged by real estate agents in Canada. Based on a $750,000 home, using Bōde would cost the seller only $7,500 versus $30,000 with traditional real estate agents, a saving of 75%. 

Anyone who has ever sold a home knows the pain of scheduling showings, reviewing contracts and the endless, time-pressured phone calls, emails and texts required to get to a deal. Bōde automates the logistics from start to finish and lays everything out in a simple step-by-step process, saving customers not just time, but a lot of stress too.

“We believe that homeowners are the true experts on their homes. Once people are armed with robust information and the tools to simplify the process, they are fully willing and capable to take the reins on real estate transactions,” says Price.

Bōde plans a future roll-out of a modern digital marketplace featuring peer-reviewed home and professional services called the Bōdiverse. This will support customers with expert advice and services throughout their homeownership and transactional experience.

Bōde is a licensed real estate brokerage and follows the guidelines set out by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

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About Bōde Canada:

Bōde is the first peer to peer real estate platform and a smarter way to buy and sell a home. Headquartered in Calgary, Bōde is reimagining real estate with an intuitive, universal platform that gives everybody with an index finger the ability to control their real estate destiny. With a built-in marketplace of home professionals at your service, Bōde reduces commissions by 75% by only collecting a 1% service fee when the deal is closed.


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