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Tech-Enabled Home Renovation Company Curbio Inc. and LoKation Real Estate Announce Partnership

Oct 29, 2019

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POTOMAC, Md.— Curbio Inc., the fast-growing real estate technology company that specializes in pre-sale home renovations, announced a strategic partnership with LoKation Real Estate, a nationally ranked full service real estate services firm.

Curbio is the only turn-key solution that makes pre-sale renovation fast, easy and profitable for home sellers. The company renovates homes before they’re listed so they can sell quickly for the best possible price and defers payment until the home is sold, with no deposit, fees, or finance charges. Its technology platform accelerates the entire renovation process, from the initial estimate to the materials acquisition and project management phases. Curbio completes projects about 60% faster than the average contractor.

While some real estate brokerages have launched concierge-type services or vendor-matching programs to finance and/or facilitate renovation, Curbio is the only company that both defers payment and serves as the licensed design/build contractor. Curbio employs full-time general contractors to manage each project and delivers the same high-quality customer experience across its markets. Its on-the-ground Project Managers oversee the renovation, including ordering materials, hiring subcontractors, and monitoring project progress. They communicate real-time photo, text, and video updates to homeowners and agents via the Curbio app.

“Deferring payment is helpful for homeowners who want to renovate, but that only solves a tiny piece of the problem,” said Rikki Rogers, Vice President of Marketing for Curbio. “How will sellers know which renovations will increase the value of the home? Who will find, vet and hire the contractors? Who will select and order the materials and make sure the project goes according to plan? These are the problems Curbio solves. Through our partnerships with brokerages like LoKation Real Estate, we’re helping homeowners across the country sell faster and make more money, without the stress of a typical renovation.”

“We pride ourselves on aligning with strategic partners that can help both our Realtors and our customers reach their goals. Curbio demonstrated the ability to move quickly and adapt to trends in the market efficiently, as we do,” remarked Nathan Klutznick, Chief Executive Officer at LoKation. “Curbio’s turn-key service is a boon to our Realtors by arming them with a very compelling opportunity for clients looking to sell for more and in a faster time period. The average return on investment is 213%, with a 58% average reduction in days on market. It’s a win-win. Many Sellers can’t accomplish this on their own, through LoKation and Curbio’s partnership, now they can.”

Through the partnership Curbio will provide LoKation agents with an array of marketing resources and training to help them win listings and educate their seller clients on the benefits of renovating before selling their homes. Partnerships with major real estate brokerages supports Curbio’s strategic decision to work only with homeowners who are represented by a licensed agent. Realtor referrals account for 100% of Curbio’s business.

About Curbio®
Curbio Inc. is a venture funded home renovation technology company that specializes exclusively in helping realtors and their clients prepare their homes for sale in order to reduce days on market and increase seller proceeds. From its headquarters in Potomac, Maryland, Curbio operates in the metro areas of Washington DCBaltimorePhiladelphiaAtlantaDallasHoustonPhoenixOrlandoTampaMiamiFt. Lauderdale, and Chicago, and will enter dozens more cities in the coming months. 

About LoKation®
LoKation® Real Estate is a nationally ranked vibrant company that’s paved its way as a premier full-service real estate firm. Our high level of customer service makes our clients comfortable, our market expertise makes them confident and the results make them smile. Tech savvy, advanced and involved in our industry, we’re often referred to as the new way of real estate or the game changers. We’ve developed the most efficient physical and online platform for agents to operate from allowing them to be more client focused and profitable. In just the last few years we’ve become the fastest growing firm in Florida and have successfully opened our operation in Colorado. We’re acknowledged as a Top 50 Broker by sales volume in the state of Florida, established our LoKation® Cares philanthropy initiatives, received press from the likes of South Florida Business Journal and most recently became a Crystal R Major Investor for the Florida and National REALTOR® Political Action Committee. Our commitment to our community, agents, and industry is evident through our actions.


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