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Livly, Inc. Launches Community Feed, Transforming Property Management and Resident Communications

Apr 21, 2020 11:05 AM ET

 Livly, the Chicago-based technology company bringing modern apartment applications to multifamily properties nationwide, announced today the launch of their new Community Feed feature within the Livly Resident Mobile App, giving property managers a new digital option to develop a sense of community within apartments. This feature launch empowers both apartment residents and staff to interact with each other online, without leaving their smartphones.

Property managers in the United States often still rely on email or paper notices for important communication about their apartment buildings, particularly with residents. This includes communications regarding resident events, amenities, and service updates.  However, Livly clients found that many informational notices and action items were getting lost in email threads or not noticed on bulletin boards. In 2019, the average US adult spent three hours and 43 minutes a day on a mobile device (eMarketer), which underlines the usefulness of mobile notifications for busy residents. Now, entire apartment communities–both staff and residents alike–can digitally connect with each other without ever leaving the Livly Mobile App. 

“We’re thrilled to now offer thousands of Livly property managers and residents a new, simple way to connect directly and communicate with each other in our app,” said Alex Samoylovich, Founder and Co-CEO of Livly. “Especially given the current safety requirement for physical distancing, there is a significant need to create a digital community within apartments that previously relied on in-person community building. Livly’s new Community Feed is the first time an apartment can offer a private and secure social network for its residents and create a community online. Not only can staff communicate more easily with residents, but residents can also use the app as the primary social connector within their apartment and a channel for peer-to-peer commerce.”

Most apartment communities across the country do not offer social networks for their residents and typically rely on in-person social events for networking. 

Livly’s Community Feed makes it easy for:

  • Property staff to communicate directly with residents within the Livly Mobile App.
  • Residents to communicate and engage with Feed posts from both property staff and residents alike, including ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments.’
  • All users to post commentary, weblinks and photo content. Users can also delete and report posts if necessary.
  • Property staff to monitor all activity using their web and mobile Community Hub tool and ban users if necessary. 

“Our mission is to create community and convenience for apartment living,” said Brian Duggan, Co-CEO of Livly. “In order to promote incredible communities and optimal convenience, we knew we needed to address property managers’ need to have a more effective communication tool. We are excited for the Community Feed to help revolutionize the way multifamily properties communicate today, so they can more easily build a true sense of community for the people that live and work there.”

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Livly, Inc. is revolutionizing apartment communities by developing innovative applications for the multifamily industry. Founded in Chicago in 2017, the Livly team built their careers in the real estate, development, technology, and design industries. Livly’s no-cost mobile and web applications offer a fully integrated one-stop-shop for property management tasks and resident engagement. For more information please visit: 

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