Real Estate Industry Disruptor ‘Terrakan’ Showcases Newest Research Portal With Never-Before-Seen Evolutions Intended for Use by Single-Family Homeowners – Updated Features and Improved Analytics Set to Redefine Entire Real Estate Industry

Terrakan ( recently announced the official upgrade of its online portal, created to be a unique and all-inclusive real estate hub for single-family homeowners doing in-depth, property development research. Developed by industry leaders with over two decades of experience, Terrakan was created to be the most powerful real estate data evaluation and analysis app available, setting a new bar for how real estate research is achieved. Terrakan currently services the Los Angeles area, with plans to extend its coverage to other major metropolitan areas across the U.S.

One of the most exciting and singular features of the Terrakan platform is the all-inclusive, single-family report genesis function: which is not offered by any other digital portal. After entering just a few criteria, the powerful search engines and algorithms gather and collate reams of data on specific sites, displaying that data in a clear, concise and comprehensive feasibility analysis – everything a homeowner needs to know to sell the property, and details that underscore a property’s value for investors.

These studies are fully delineated, are offered at no charge, and contain a wide array of unique specifics like defined limitations set by local and city officials, flood zones and fire hazards, hazard information relevant to the property, and other important details. In addition, each report offers property characteristics, historic home values, estimated and expansion costs to flip, accessory dwelling unit possibilities, and a complete summary of all the information provided. 

Better investment strategies require up-to-date information, leveraging all property elements simultaneously to make the best buying and selling decisions. Using Terrakan’s databases ensures informed decisions, while also offering listings that help find architects, mortgage brokers, or other professionals a homeowner might need. And finally, Terrakan provides continuously updated educational resources intended to be used as online guides and tutorials that help prepare homeowners for the complicated, nuanced process of listing a home.

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About Terrakan LLC

Terrakan is a real estate portal created to handle all property development needs from a single location. With a suite of tools that includes comprehensive databases, online resources, analysis, and other services, Terrakan can help generate reports to cover single and multi-family residences for real estate investors, homeowners and other speculators. Terrakan is the only portal that gives access to estimated project costs, development risks, buildable areas and expected profits, all with just a few clicks. Simply put: Terrakan saves developers time and money. Learn more at:

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