Savvy Lane expands Virtual Agents services amid crisis.

 Though many real estate buyers, sellers, and brokerages are struggling to reshape their process amid the pandemic, Savvy Lane has seen a recent demand in online transactions and will be expanding their services with a new Virtual Agent model. 

“With Virtual Agent, sellers get access to an experienced agent who can support every aspect of their transaction from start to finish,” says Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Miklos.


Though agents may never step foot in the client’s home, a robust set of digital tools makes it easy to collaborate on forms, disclosures, negotiations, and property marketing questions.

“We believe in real estate with options. We’re personal and attentive, yet affordable,” says Miklos. “Though some clients want a local agent and others want to sell by owner, the Savvy Lane Virtual Agent model offers support to both.”

Launched in 2015, Savvy Lane raised $2 million in new funding in September and has seen between 100-400% growth in the West Coast markets since then.

Virtual Agent is ideal for a seller that is self-directed, but wants the added assurance of a real estate expert. “You might feel great about staging, but unsure about title and escrow. The virtual agent is just a call or click away,” adds Miklos. Savvy Lane’s virtual agents offer support seven days per week and work remotely.

The company uses technology and geographic scale to offer lower commissions while paying agents competitively, which passes significant savings to buyers and sellers.

As demand for the Virtual Agent grows, Savvy Lane is doubling-down on its technology and client experience. For Savvy Lane, and for most members of the real estate community, the virtual model may be the future.

With a talented team of engineers working non-stop on the customer interface, the company expects to launch an improved Virtual Agent and seller portal experience in Q2.

“We are overwhelmed by applicants for our virtual agent job openings,” shares Miklos. “These agents are highly qualified, have completed hundreds of transactions, and are looking for a flexible, next chapter. We are it.”

About Savvy Lane Founded by a team of highly experienced real estate and business professionals, Savvy Lane is a modern alternative to the age-old real estate industry and commission model that negatively affects today’s buyers and sellers. The founders built a software platform to give clients the tools to buy and sell themselves with professional support, or hand-off the experience entirely to an affordable, local, dedicated agent. By creating a more transparent and streamlined process, Savvy Lane saves time and money over traditional brokerages and can offer solutions no matter a client’s budget. Today, Savvy Lane is the #1 Flat Fee MLS real estate provider on the West Coast.

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