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Arterra Realty Introduces Most Lucrative Compensation Program In The Industry

Aug 8, 2020

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With sights set on national expansion, Michigan-based Arterra Realty has unveiled its brand new compensation program, supplying agents with the most accessible and highest paying real estate revenue sharing program in the state.

Unlike other models, Arterra pays this revenue sharing out on a per-transaction basis and allows agents to begin earning immediately. Participants receive this revenue sharing year after year, and reach maximum earning potential with just 25 level one sponsorships.

Rewarding agents with up to $4,500 for every qualifying level one recruit, this three-legged system extends seven layers, allowing sponsors to earn 3.5% GCI (gross commission income) on their first level, and up to 5% on agents throughout their downline.

Arterra’s already competitive earning opportunities include commission splits that begin at 80/20 and a shared corporate Founder’s Pool. The company provides further incentives to loyal agents, offering commission payout percentages that increase with their time at the company; 85/15 after three years and 90/10 after five.

This new program has launched simultaneously with the arrival of Arterra’s all new web technologies, including an exclusive consumer app, a dedicated agent marketing hub, personalized recruiting tools, and a refreshed home search site.

Real estate agents interested in learning more should contacat Arterra Realty at 248-212-0751 or visit

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