Eden Health Launches Concierge Health Amenity for Commercial Real Estate as Landlords Boost Offerings to Promote Public Health, Attract and Retain Tenants – Wire Real Estate

Eden Health Launches Concierge Health Amenity for Commercial Real Estate as Landlords Boost Offerings to Promote Public Health, Attract and Retain Tenants

Aug 14, 2020

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National medical practice Eden Health announced the availability of its Concierge Health Amenity, comprehensive healthcare amenity services for the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market. Eden Health is now offering CRE landlords and asset managers a new type of amenity for Class A properties: on-site medical services and membership to the Eden Health virtual primary care platform. Eden Health is known for its innovative direct-to-employer healthcare platform, bringing in-person and virtual healthcare together to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Whether they own a single tower, a handful of office parks, or campuses across the country, CRE groups are working with tenants to mitigate the health risks inherent to enclosed spaces and large tenant populations. Commercial real estate entities like The Connell Company and Convene have signed on to Eden Health’s healthcare platform, proactively rising to the responsibility of operating an indoor facility and acting as a first line of defense for tenants and building staff. In doing so, they not only increase the value of their properties, but also establish a high standard of protocol and compliance that is a competitive advantage in their market.

Landlords and their tenants are now in the business of delivering healthcare, whether they want to be or not. Access to telemedicine, or virtual primary care, is no longer seen as an employee benefit, but a new necessity. Before COVID-19, leading employers were concerned with flourishes like keeping kombucha and cold brew taps flowing, whereas now the priority is following mandates on temperature checks and proper sanitization.

Eden Health now offers CRE landlords and asset managers a quick and easy way to provide tenants of Class A properties with a healthcare amenity, offering the medical infrastructure and services required to keep workforces in motion in the new normal of the post-pandemic era. The new Eden Health Concierge Health Amenity is a plug-and-play solution, an innovative new model designed specifically for commercial properties. Eden Health’s Concierge Health Amenity packages include a medical office that is fully installed and maintained by Eden Health and a comprehensive suite of in-person health features and services:

  • Exam room for routine primary care
  • Wellness room from behavioral health needs, including talk therapy
  • Dedicated care team, including a primary care doctor, physical therapist and behavioral health specialist
  • Diagnostic testing lab for convenient routine screening, including testing for COVID-19
  • Membership to Eden Health platform, including insurance navigation services and easy appointment booking
  • 24/7 access to virtual primary care via the Eden Health mobile app

From COVID-19 triage and testing, to routine preventative care and behavioral health needs, employers have identified healthcare services as a must-have, and virtual access an essential component. The Eden Health Concierge Health Amenity combines on-site medical offices that are fully designed, installed, managed and operated by Eden Health, and Eden Health’s membership platform, which together serve to:

  • Immediately boost property value, leasing velocity, and tenant retention rates
  • Leverage underutilized or eccentric building spaces (750-2,000 square feet)
  • Provide on-site health screening, testing, and on-going care to tenants and building staff
  • Provide oversight on the health of people in an entire building
  • Extend amenities to tenant employees who work from home or are located at satellite offices
  • Attract and retain the best tenants in the market

“Regardless of the coronavirus,  forward-thinking CRE landlords are distinguishing themselves by partnering with cutting edge amenity service providers, offering everything from yoga to climbing walls and creative outdoor spaces,” said David Abrams, Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank, one of the world’s leading commercial real estate advisory firms. “Wellness was already a prominent amenity, but the pandemic has put healthcare and safety in the spotlight. In this market, thoughtfully curating a collection of amenities sets properties apart, enticing new tenants and cementing existing relationships.”

“A sparkling, tech-enabled medical office not only allows us to offer healthcare services to our employees and tenants, but sends a strong visual message – we are dedicated to doing our part for public safety,” said Steve Kilroy, Senior Vice President of Hospitality and Marketing, The Connell Company. “Eden Health’s virtual platform lets us offer our tenants’ employees a medical amenity whether or not they ever step foot on our property. By setting an expectation for convenient access to healthcare, we’re deepening our relationship with our tenants for the long term, while adding immediate value to our properties.”

“It’s a new world. Healthcare as an amenity is a market differentiator now, but tomorrow it will be table stakes. Companies like Connell and Convene are staying one step ahead,” said Matt McCambridge, co-founder and CEO, Eden Health. “The limitations of the U.S. healthcare infrastructure combined with the reality of modern viral infections, means employers will increasingly recognize property owners as the business partner best suited to provide convenient access to healthcare.”

To learn more about Eden Health Concierge Health Amenity, visit https://edenhealth.com/real-estate-amenity

About Eden Health
Eden Health is a nationally recognized medical practice that makes it easier for HR teams to get their employees great medical care. Eden Health’s Care Team offers employees digital care around the clock, same-day in-person primary care, behavioral health services and benefits navigation, designed to empower bodies and minds so employees can focus on their lives with newfound energy. Eden Health also has industry-leading engagement: 66% of employee members use Eden Health each year, with an average member rating of 4.95 out of 5. To learn more, visit edenhealth.com.

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