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DoubleLine Real Estate Round Table: Part 1

Oct 15, 2020

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Oct 15, 2020 12:07 PM ET DoubleLine Real Esta

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In Round Table Prime: Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Jeffrey Sherman, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of DoubleLine Capital, moderates a discussion by four experts in these asset classes, their capital markets and real estate-related market securities. 

The video was recorded September 29, 2020. Part 1 is accessible on DoubleLine’s YouTube channel: 

Participating in the discussion are Bill Hughes of Colony Capital, Ryan Simonetti of Convene; and from DoubleLine Capital Morris Chen and Ken Shinoda and Jeffrey Sherman.

Mr. Hughes is a managing director at Colony Capital, which operates as a real estate investment trust. Mr. Hughes is responsible for liquid investment strategies and is portfolio manager of Colony Capital’s commercial real estate securities portfolio.

Mr. Simonetti is the CEO and co-founder of Convene, which designs and services premium places to work and meet. He has expertise in real estate acquisitions, development and structured finance.

Mr. Chen is a portfolio manager at DoubleLine where he heads the firm’s investment team on commercial mortgage-backed securities and other commercial real estate debt.

Mr. Shinoda is a portfolio manager at DoubleLine and heads the firm’s team specializing in non-agency mortgage-backed securities, whole residential loans and other mortgage-related opportunities.

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