Bergen County Adopts Geospatial Analytics® Industry-Leading Real Estate Management Program

As part of its ongoing drive to become a best practices technology leader in local government, the county adopted the Geospatial Analytics InSite Solution Platform™ and two of its key modules:  Geospatial Analytics Inspection InSite™ and Geospatial Analytics Asset InSite™. Now in the deployment phase of implementation, the county is seeing their value. “What excites me about the project,” Neals said, “are the possibilities regarding creating a centralized repository for all real estate data that is critical for making strategic decisions to responsibly manage costs.”

Looking ahead, county Chief Procurement Officer Gerald Reiner sees potential benefits. “In the end, we’ll save money because we’ll now know what our capital expenditures look like three to five years in advance. That will allow us to prioritize our spend, reduce our operational risk, and optimize our total cost of ownership.”

About Geospatial Analytics®
Founded in 2005, Geospatial Analytics® is an innovative development firm specializing in strategic, cost-effective, agile, and easy-to-use real estate management software that empowers property owners and facility managers with analytics to better understand and strategically manage their businesses. A global leader in real estate management technologies, Geospatial Analytics® has a 98% customer retention rate. The company serves some of the world’s largest companies in retail, finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, energy, and education with over $1 trillion in combined real estate valuations. To learn more, visit, call a Geospatial Analytics® representative at 877-291-3282, or email