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AnyCurb launches COVID-19 incentive: $0 real estate listing fee when you buy and sell a home with

AnyCurb launches COV

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 20, 2020  2:42 PM ET

AnyCurb, a licensed real estate brokerage, has streamlined the listing process to eliminate fees, unnecessary steps, and time-intensive appointments. Historically, fees to sell a home can reach 10% of the home’s price when including real estate commission fees, closing costs, and home preparation. The largest of which are typically real estate commission fees.

“As homeowners are working from home in unprecedented numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have been forced to reevaluate their space and location requirements. However, due to the costs of selling a home, many are unable to make the move they want,” said Jim Osmani, COO at AnyCurb.

AnyCurb is leveraging its online portal on to give homeowners the opportunity to save money and preserve more home equity. Upon receiving a listing request on, AnyCurb deploys proven industry best practices with data-driven pricing guidance, creative copywriting, professional photography, and a 3D tour. Once completed, AnyCurb lists these homes on the MLS for maximum exposure. They call this “The Perfect Listing.”

“People are trying to sell on their own at record volumes to save money without success. Our goal is to provide homeowners all the exposure that is available on the MLS and leverage commissions from the purchase transaction to offset the selling costs,” said Danyal Ali, CEO at AnyCurb.

The MLS is a database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about properties for sale. It also allows for syndications to 100’s of real estate websites that receive millions of monthly visitors. Listing outside the MLS does the homeowner a disservice as nearly 90% of buyers are working with an agent.

To qualify for the savings, a homeowner must input property details directly online, make sure the home is presentable, and meet with licensed buyer’s agents. They are refunded listing fees when the owner purchases a home with an AnyCurb licensed agent within 90 days of their home closing.

Through their direct-to-consumer online model, AnyCurb is able to lower listing fees to $0 for the homeowner, and deliver “The Perfect Listing”. Currently, AnyCurb offers this incentive in Illinois.

About AnyCurb
AnyCurb believes that freedom of information should drive efficiencies in marketplaces, and is focused on removing the pain points within buying and selling residential real estate. 

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