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California-Based Pacific Coast Title Deploys SafeWire to Protect Against Real Estate Wire Fraud

Dec 25, 2020 12:40 PM ET

California-Based Pac

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SafeWire is proud to announce a new partnership with Pacific Coast Title to protect consumers from wire fraud risk. SafeWire is the industry leader in wire fraud prevention, protecting millions of dollars annually in real estate transactions. SafeWire is the only wire fraud prevention software that protects the entire transaction, from the listing to the closing. 


Wire fraud is a rampant and growing problem in the real estate industry with the FBI reporting over $221 million lost to cyber crime last year alone. The partnership between SafeWire and Pacific Coast Title will bring security and protection to everyone involved in the real estate transaction from listing to closing. 

“SafeWire is thrilled to partner with a technology-focused, industry leader like the Pacific Coast Title Company. We’ve been impressed with their focus on bringing innovation and value differentiators to clients and a deep focus on keeping their consumers and communities free from real estate wire fraud. Real estate wire fraud is devastating; we’re excited to work together to keep our industry safe, one family at a time,” said Chris Sauerzopf, SafeWire Creator and CEO.

“Teaming up with innovators like Safewire whose sole focus is to protect our clients and consumers directly aligns with the values of Pacific Coast Title. We look forward to the safety and security that our clients will experience through this partnership,” said Al Alfonso, Pacific Coast Title President.

Together, SafeWire and Pacific Coast Title look forward to protecting every real estate transaction in a collaborative effort to fight against wire fraud. 

About SafeWire: SafeWire is the industry-leading software solution to the growing problem of real estate wire fraud. Founder and CEO Chris Sauerzopf has used his years of real estate industry experience to develop a secure transfer process that protects the transaction from listing through closing. One in 450 real estate transactions experienced a fraud loss in 2019. SafeWire is committed to making sure its clients are never part of that number. Find more information about SafeWire at 

About Pacific Coast Title Company: Backed by the nation’s largest underwriters, Pacific Coast Title is an industry leader in title insurance and coverage. The company has eight branches across the Western United States and has expanded rapidly since it was founded in 2008. With a focus on technology and innovation, Pascific Coast Title is dedicated to building lifelong relationships with its customers. Learn more about Pacific Coast Title at

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