GA Forum & Global Luxury Cultural Awards by Global Art was Held in New York, Ronshine China “China Legend” Won the “Asia Pacific Iconic Luxury House Award” - WIRE.RealEstate

GA Forum & Global Luxury Cultural Awards by Global Art was Held in New York, Ronshine China “China Legend” Won the “Asia Pacific Iconic Luxury House Award”

Dec 30, 2020 11:41 AM ET

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Global Art Advisor is delighted to present the 2020 GA Forum & Global Luxury Cultural Awards in New York on December 15, 2020. This awards ceremony and global forum was organized by Global Art and Real Estate Association of Asian, followed the successful discussion on “Synergy between Art and Real Estate” in New York, “Synergy between Architecture and Architecture” in Venice and “Contemporary Urban Culture Sustainability Development”, “Contemporary Value and Sustainable Development of Traditional Culture” in Tokyo.


The forum was followed by GA awards ceremony for the global cultural awards. The project “China Legend” by Ronshine China from Fuzhou successfully won the “Asia-Pacific Iconic Luxury House Award”. “The project has become an iconic Chinese mansion that attracted the attention of the world. In the voluminous history of Chinese civilization, many buildings have gradually annihilated with the rise and fall of the times, but a very small part still stands at the top of value. The forum explored the “Contemporary Living and Sustainable Development” in every aspect, discussed the establishment of a global platform which integrates traditional culture with new materials, technologies and methods of communications.

A century of Shangxiahang, a city on the global stage

The Shangxiahang area of Fuzhou is where Ronshine China “China Legend” is located, which is the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road and China’s frontier window to the world. Once, the pioneering and enterprising Min nationality spirit left shining traces in the wheels of history. Now, Ronshine China “China Legend” has shared Chinese culture and Min nationality traditions with the world. It is not only a model for urban renewal, it is also a landmark of the times on the global cultural stage.

Diversified formats awaken the world’s longing for residence

To live up to the rich land, Ronshine China “China Legend” gathers excellent teams in China and abroad to repair 24 century-old buildings and restore 17 old streets and lanes based on the principle of repairing the old. With a low floor area ratio of about 1.28, it creates a unique courtyard life, enjoys the family happiness, and reproduces the glorious scene of “the rich and the nobles gather” a hundred years ago.

Global Art hosts numerous international activities such as the GA Forum & Global Cultural Awards. Forum panelists discuss developing contemporary projects with international influence across multiple dimensions based on the core value of traditional culture. GA Awards with 10 committee members as the jury, are awarded to projects which use modern ways to express the essence of Chinese traditional culture. The program of awards ceremony, talks and panel discussions brought together artists, designer and architects who adopt this principle in their practice and collaboration in today’s global cultural environment. GO ART is launching a movement to encourage the culture of supporting art.

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