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Pacificwide Real Estate and Mortgage Business Announces New Brand Identity to Affirm Innovation Integration and Market Leading Position

Jan 7, 2021 11:47 AM ET

As the business scaling up massively, Pacificwide leadership endeavors to bring the company’s capability to the next level with an ambitious vision for the future. “The outcome is a complete renovation of daily business operation with cutting edge information technology integration. Also, branding items, made since the company’s foundation days in 2009, are thoroughly recreated. “The old logo could no longer fully represent Pacificwide’s growing scope and value as a leading firm in the industry. It was rigid and antiquated, giving off the impression of the last decade brick and mortar corporate.”, said Pacificwide CEO Leon Le. The new changes intended to keep the company on track with the most recent trend globally, reflect its core values, and reaffirm their determination to boldly move forward regardless of future uncertainties.

The evolution of famous brands inspires the company’s new brand identity through time. The logo intends to carry the company’s vision & goal in the next decade while adapting to the world’s current trend, which is simplicity, flat, well-rounded, and borderless. Each element represents people’s mindset in 2020 and onward, where everything is easy to read and consume, fast-paced, and has no limitation. Pacificwide wants to keep up with the modern world and challenge themselves with the new look, new feel.

The main elements presented, such as the globe and the company name, remain the same. They mean whatever the company does, its mission and core values stay the same. The elimination of the 3D effect and the border above the name “Pacificwide” conveys the message of erasing all limitations and challenging themselves to learn, work, and grow indefinity. Accordingly, color and font are adjusted to bring out a clean, impactful, passionate, and exciting vibe, just like how Pacificwide has always operated.

About Pacificwide Business Group, Inc.
Founded in 2009 in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA, Pacificwide Business Group, Inc. is a full-service real estate and mortgage company specializing in residential and commercial real estate, financial and mortgage services, real estate construction and development, new home services and property management.

The secret to our success is our agents and unique culture. We are a vast network of agents with diverse backgrounds and abilities, united in a passion to serve our community. Our focus is exceptional customer service as we aim to make our client’s real estate experience as seamless as possible. We are not just your real estate professionals; we are your trusted friends and neighbors within your communities.

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