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Home Inspection Company, the Inspection Boys, Join the Loyalty Brands Family

Jan 26, 2021 3:09 PM ET

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Buying or selling a home can be very stressful and, in some cases, full of surprises. One monumental criterion is completing a home inspection. The Inspection Boys was been created to educate home buyers about their potential future home and deliver a comprehensive inspection report. To grow their franchise opportunity faster, the Inspection Boys just announced their partnership business services franchise company, Loyalty Brands.

Founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur John Hewitt, Loyalty Brands is a consortium of franchise brands with synergistic similarities that can work together to create a portfolio of franchise concepts. They can work together or separately to give future franchises the ability to expand their offerings or focus on one specific industry. Partnering with The Inspection Boys will help grow the brand footprint in franchising, with the goal of becoming the top home inspection company in the business. 

The Inspection Boys is an emerging franchise, founded in 2017. The brand offers experienced and affordable home inspection that has protected both home buyers and sellers. A home inspection by the Inspection Boys is not simply performed to report deficiencies, damage, and defects. A buyer needs quality information to make a good decision. They advocate to help people understand the fiscal and physical impact of any damage and defects they discover. 

According to John Hewitt, CEO and Founder of Loyalty Brands, “It felt right when we met The Inspection Boys team – Matthew RiveraRobert Aglialoro and Brigitte Malik – I just knew they would fit into the culture of Loyalty Brands. We look for expertise, integrity and, most of all, people understand and help us create a world class organization.”

The Inspection Boys are a franchise organization currently supporting seven franchisees but looking to grow fast.

Loyalty Brands is a team of people who have worked together for many years with several different brands, two of which are some of the largest retail operations in the United StatesJackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax. Franchise sales and growth is their expertise, and they plan on bringing their successes to the Inspection Boys.  

About the Inspection Boys
The Inspection Boys have developed a system that make life easy for franchisees. Everyone can do home inspections, but a successful home inspection business is much more than that. It is all about the connections and relationships you will develop with homeowners, and real estate agents, that separates a successful and profitable business from a “pushing-through” kind of a company. To learn more about the Inspection Boys please visit: https://inspectionboys.com/

About Loyalty Brands
Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Loyalty Brands is an umbrella franchise company founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur John Hewitt.  The Loyalty Brands consist of business brokerage, small business accounting, tax preparation and added services, networking, and bartering.  The company maintains a community first outlook, meaning that involvement in local communities and giving back is a core value. The multi-brand concept involves businesses that are synergistic and compatible, so potential franchisees could possibly own one or more of the brands for additional customer acquisition and co-marketing opportunities. To learn more about Loyalty Brands, please visit https://loyaltybrands.com/

Media Contact: Melissa Salyer, Loyalty Brands, 305-797-5574, MelissaSalyer@loyaltybrands.com

Contact Information:

 Melissa Salyer, Loyalty Brands, 305-797-5574, MelissaSalyer@loyaltybrands.com