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ApartmentRatings Announces the epIQ Index Top Management Companies & Communities in 2020

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iCrowdNewswire   Feb 16, 2021  3:36 PM ET

ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts Research have announced the list of 2020’s top 100 multifamily property management companies by portfolio size and the top 250 rental communities nationwide as part of their epIQ Index Biannual Report, which is published twice each year in January and July. 

Since its inception in January of 2020, the epIQ Index (short for “Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient”) has become a proven, powerful performance metric and tool for renters, management company corporate & onsite teams, as well as multifamily property owners and investors.

James Watters, Director of Business Operations at ApartmentRatings & SatisFacts, described the metric’s reception in its first year:

“Over the past year, we have been very pleased by the incredible growth and adoption of the epIQ Index.  Renters craving a practical way to make the most informed leasing decision are using the metric when searching for a residence, while industry professionals are discovering that the epIQ Index is the most effective system to measure their teams’ and communities’ performance and drive data-backed onsite behaviors, corporate goal setting, and investment decisions.”

Based on an easily understandable “A through F” letter grade/report card format, the epIQ Index provides renters with unparalleled ability to quickly and easily determine how well communities meet the needs and expectations of its current, past, and prospective residents using verified ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts data.  

Additionally, management companies across the country are finding the metric’s transparency and ability to dig into the details helpful in identifying areas of opportunity, conducting comprehensive competitive analysis, and formulating customized strategic action plans to rise above the competition, improve their online reputation, and achieve other organizational goals. 

Girish Gehani, CEO of Trilogy Real Estate Group, described one way his organization is using the epIQ Index to illustrate performance:

“As we continue to strive to distinguish ourselves as a top operator in our industry, especially during the pandemic, we have found that the epIQ Ratings have been a great performance indicator that we can showcase to our investors and partners.”

The epIQ Index Top Management Companies & Communities Biannual Report is currently available for download at: https://www.satisfacts.com/epiq-index-january-2021/.

In addition to the biannual report, ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts publish a monthly report listing the epIQ Index Top 250 Communities across the nation.

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