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Trilogy Real Estate Group Launches New Regulation A+ Bond Offering

Mar 23, 2021 12:45 PM ET

 Trilogy Real Estate Group (“Trilogy”), a Chicago-based real estate investment and property management firm, announced today that Trilogy Multifamily Income & Growth Holdings, a $50 million Regulation A+ bond offering, has been fully qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and is now open and receiving subscriptions.

Trilogy intends to utilize the proceeds to primarily acquire existing Class A and Class B multifamily real estate assets in targeted markets across the United States. The bonds will be issued in four series with the sole difference being their respective maturity dates. Each bond offers a total annualized potential return of 10% resulting from a 5% current annual coupon paid monthly and additional upside of 5% annual contingent interest during the hold period.

“Investors are searching for compelling income in a low-yield environment, and we are excited to expand the opportunity set of fixed income investments,” said Matt Leiter, chief financial officer of Trilogy. “We took great care in structuring this offering to resonate on multiple fronts—current income, total return, defined term, transparency, liquidity and the ease of electronic purchasing through all major clearing firms.”

Established by the SEC in 2015 under the JOBS Act, the Regulation A+ Tier II offerings allow companies to sell up to $50 million in securities within a 12-month period. In addition, it requires regular financial filings and annual audited financial statements. Trilogy Multifamily Income & Growth Holdings has engaged a Big Four accounting firm to provide audited annual financials and UMB as a third-party trustee supervising bond covenants on the bond holders behalf.

Leiter continued, “As a general solicitation bond offering, we are pleased that financial intermediaries can offer all of their investors access to promising opportunities in multifamily assets.”

Trilogy has sponsored seven private investment funds and qualified opportunity zone funds and recently began expanding its investment offerings to retail investors via the independent broker-dealer and registered investment advisor (RIA) distribution channels. Since 2002, the principals of Trilogy have successfully completed more than $4 billion in transaction volume, including $670 million of acquisition and financing activity in 2020.

Arete Wealth Management serves as the managing broker-dealer for the offering.

About Trilogy Real Estate Group
Trilogy Real Estate Group is a vertically integrated real estate investment and property management firm with a focus on multifamily apartments and commercial real estate. Trilogy has been recognized as one of the Top Property Management companies for eight consecutive years and has an “A” rating in the epIQ Index. Since 2002, the principals of Trilogy have successfully completed $4 billion in transaction volume. Trilogy has a proven expertise in timing real estate cycles and sourcing and managing outstanding real estate investments in major markets around the United States.


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