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Carbon Title Challenges Real Estate Industry To Decarbonize Before It’s Too Late; Unveils Platform to Motivate Change through Radical Transparency

Sep 22, 2022 11:10 AM ET

 Carbon Title today unveiled the first decentralized platform designed to bring radical transparency to decarbonization efforts within the real estate sector, which is responsible for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The industry has a historic opportunity to reduce carbon emissions, but until now, property owners, contractors, and developers have not been properly equipped to effectively reduce their emissions, particularly in building materials and construction.

That changes today.

Carbon Title’s easy-to-use tools will not only enable but also motivate the real estate industry to achieve its carbon neutral goals by marrying intuitive design with blockchain technology. All emissions data – from both existing buildings and those under construction – will be easily accessible and searchable to the public so that the industry can, for the first time ever, operate transparently around environmental costs. As a result, this will allow both companies to avoid greenwashing and consumers to make informed decisions about where they decide to live and work. The data will be available to the public soon via

The company is backed by GreenPoint Partners, Alpaca, Ripple, Allegory, and Packy McCormick and has already launched pilots with companies including Hoffman Construction, Lease Crutcher Lewis, Killian Construction, Corigin, and more. Carbon Title also partners with high-quality carbon offset creators, such as DroneSeed.

Why Carbon Title?

The real estate industry is facing a near impossible task: Increase construction output to meet growing housing and infrastructure demands while simultaneously fighting climate change by self-regulating and reducing carbon emissions. In fact, from 2020 to 2030, the construction industry is expected to double, so in order to meet the UN target of slashing emissions by 45% during that period, it would require an approximately 73% reduction in emissions across the real estate industry. This is a monumental task that will require the industry to fundamentally rethink how it approaches decarbonization. Inaction is no longer an option.

“Research shows that climate change threatens to undo the last 50 years of progress in development, global health, and poverty reduction. It is costing the world billions in economic prosperity and threatens to kill more than 250,000 people annually from malnutrition, malaria, and extreme heat,” said Trevor Dryer, co-founder at Carbon Title. “Carbon Title’s singular mission is to make every building carbon neutral and to rally the industry to avert the worst of this looming crisis.”

Carbon Title provides users with the tools to calculate their carbon footprint quickly across their entire portfolio, empowering them to map a path to a carbon-neutral future and accelerate the pace of change. The innovative platform helps calculate carbon impact, make informed decisions, assess sustainable building options, and monitor and track progress, while also facilitating the purchase of high-quality carbon removals for pre-built structures.

“I’ve spent years in the real estate and construction industries and know how daunting decarbonization is for the industry,” said Miles Haladay, co-founder at Carbon Title. “However, if we take steps forward together, the industry can get there. By making this data public, developers and contractors will get the buy-in they need to start decarbonizing from day one.”

“Accountability and transparency are essential components of the global push to decarbonize real estate, particularly as it relates to carbon offsets and removal projects,” said Chris Green, Founder, and CEO of GreenPoint Partners. “We believe Carbon Title’s seamless, intuitive user experience will allow developers – and the broader real estate industry – to significantly reduce emissions and meet decarbonization goals.”

“At Hoffman, we are using the Carbon Title platform to take action to reach our net zero ambitions with our own buildings as well as offer a carbon neutral service to our customers,” said Dan Drinkward at Hoffman Construction. “Not only is it seamless and easy to use, but it gives us the power to map out decarbonization plans at the earliest phase of planning and development and deliver a carbon neutral building.”

About Carbon Title:

Based in Portland, OR, and founded in 2021 by Miles Haladay and Trevor Dryer, Carbon Title is the first decentralized platform bringing radical transparency to decarbonizing the real estate sector. Built to meet the demand for climate action, Carbon Title delivers an end-to-end solution making it easier, more attractive, and even more profitable to make every building carbon neutral.

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