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The real estate market has been on fire recently. With the concept of working from home becoming the new normal, massive relocations have occurred in just the last year. Even though mortgage rates have fallen down to a record low, buyers are more interested than ever when it comes to purchasing a new house.

Due to the financial crunch in many people’s lives, it becomes almost impossible to maintain their own homes and pay the mortgages. This is why a record number of foreclosure homes were acquired by the banks and various institutions out here. As a person working in real estate, there is no need to panic because things are really looking up in the coming few years.

Chief Economist at, Danielle Hale, expects that the real estate market’s sales will increase by a whopping number of 7%. But at the same time, she predicted that the prices in the real estate market would also rise on top of the already high costs of the previous years.

If you are an organization or an individual in the real estate business, then now is the perfect time for you to reach out to the world and grab all potential clients’ attention. Here is how you can accomplish that goal easily.

The Basis for Starting Wire.RealEstate

Almost every realtor, bank, investor, and property owner in States knows the best way to spread the word is through real estate press releases. But unfortunately, many of these people or organizations have no idea how to target the right market at the right time. You can be a fully grown organization but still have no means to grab the right investors’ attention. Most organizations such as banks fail to discover or explore the foreclosure market out there because they just don’t have the time!

Similarly, in investors’ case, they may have a lot of amounts available in their hands but have no idea about what, where, and how the big things are happening in the real estate market. Finding such press releases for individual parties can become a real challenge in most cases. Understanding and identifying this gap, Wire Real Estate was established.

In times of modern technology, reaching out to the right people at the right time may seem like a very straightforward task. Many organizations, individuals, and even investors make the mistake of sharing a real estate press release on all the wrong platforms. Wire Real Estate is proud to be able to divide the market into segments and then choose the segment that satisfies your real estate press release distribution needs.

At Wire Real Estate, we understand how the modern market of real estate works. We can take your real estate press release distribution game to new heights through the combination of traditional marketing strategies and digital and modern ones. Continually updating our knowledge and incorporating as well as regularly optimizing our press release distribution strategies, we ensure that our clients experience the best services.

The perks of utilizing the services of Wire.RealEstate, are immense. We offer features that are irresistible and just the perfect match for your real estate press release distribution.

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Reach a Global Audience

We provide translations into 8 different languages for your real estate press releases. This means that people sitting in Europe and Asia also get to view your press release and show their interest in your offer. Our press release distribution services include publishing your real estate news on international platforms to ensure that your target audience is not limited to a particular region.

This does not in any way imply that we publish and advertise your content on irrelevant websites. We do quite the opposite, actually! By handpicking the websites for posting your news and allowing you to choose your potential audience along with our expertise, your real estate press release reaches the right investors, banks, and all the other people from the financial industry at the right place and at the right time.

Become a part of the Social Media World

Everyone knows the power of social media. It is becoming the fastest hub for people to gather information and take action on the acquired knowledge. We will help your real estate press release become a part of social media through our press release distribution strategies.

Our graphic designers create professional and stylish images related to your real estate press release. We advertise your real estate press releases with high-quality images on Twitter and Facebook to capture the eye of any and all the potential customers in the market. Social media campaigns are run on multiple platforms to increase your engagement and views.

Advertise on Exclusive Websites

Wire.RealEstate brings you exclusive websites that are offered by no other competitor in the market. Some of them include Redfin, Trulia,, and many more. By harnessing the power of Google and Bing Advertisements, we place your ads on these websites’ front section. After clicking on these ads, customers and clients will be redirected to your real estate press release.

Reach a Highly Targeted Audience

Our press release distribution services include geographic targeting of audiences. By incorporating the latest techniques into our system, we make sure to pinpoint the audience’s right to their zip codes. Customers can choose to target people of a particular country, province, city, and even district worldwide. If you do not wish to provide us the details, then there is no problem. Our experts analyze your press releases, and we use the most befitting geographic locations as per your respective press releases.

We also target the potential audience for your real estate press releases based on demographics. Factors such as age, gender, industry, and interests play a vital role in press release distribution in the online world. We tend to make sure that your real estate news reaches the most appropriate and relevant audiences every time. You can either provide us with this information, or we can easily incorporate these details as per our experience.

In any case, you can completely relax while we handle every aspect of distribution and digital advertising of real estate press release distribution for you.

Publish Content on High DA Websites

Our press release distribution services ensure that your real estate press releases are published on websites with the highest domain authority. This means that by getting your real estate news included on a high DA website, your press release rank on the Google search engine will increase. If anyone searches a particular keyword used in your real estate press release, the websites containing your press release will show up. This way, the number of people reading your press release will increase.

Keep a Sharp Eye on Progress

Wire.RealEstate provides its customers with multiple reports to monitor the progress of their real estate press release. As mentioned earlier, we provide an interim report about the distribution of your press release. Through this report, clients can see all the websites where the real estate press release has been published.

Once your social media campaign stops running, we provide Master Distribution Reports (MDR) to our customers. This report contains all the analytical data from the social media campaign. It includes a compilation of the number of views, and clicks that your press releases received over some time. Furthermore, it highlights all the keywords in your real estate press release. This report contains our labels.

If you do not want our labels on your Master Distribution Report, you can request a white label report as well.

It is all about making your life easy

Wire.RealEstate is going to save your time, money, and lots of unfruitful effort. All you have to do on your end is to send us your real estate press release. Then you can sit back and relax while we’ll do the hard work for you. Within 24 hours of your press release submission, you will receive a preliminary report. This is the interim distribution report, which allows you to see the websites we have published your content.

Furthermore, you will get all the links to the websites where your real estate press release is published. You can simply click on each of those URLs and navigate yourself through all the websites. To cross-check the presence of your real estate press release on those websites, you can easily find them on the website by opening up those websites on your browser.

We handle all the digital advertisement perspective of your press releases. We present the blend of marketing and advertising through our keen eye on the real estate market and press release distribution strategies for the online world. We identify and target your audience, so you don’t have to.

By combining all our features together, we make sure that you see the conversions we promise. Your news about houses, foreclosures, or even the real estate industry spreads like wildfire across the globe, making you stand out from your competitors—the services provided by Wire.RealEstate guarantees a return on your investment within no time.

What are you waiting for? Start using the services of Wire.RealEstate today and get your real estate press releases distributed within no time! Our teams of customer support experts are available round the clock. Get in touch with them and start accomplishing your real estate marketing goals immediately.

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