The Role of Press Releases in the Real Estate Industry


Real Estate Press Release

Most people are skeptical over the importance of a trivial press release distribution strategy and why it holds great significance in the age of digital marketing.  But the answer is simple: content. Believe it or not, press releases are the smoothest and subtlest way to add information on the world wide web relevant to your business. The best part is that you can talk about your organization in any way and tone that you want. Sure, press releases are a thing of the past. Still, they are a perfect fit into the era of the digital revolution with slight tweaking.

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Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

We all know that the real estate industry is massive. There are billions of listings, agents, and other relevant businesses in the market. This implies that there is room for a lot of business, and at the same time, the real estate industry has a lot of healthy competition. Here, the question is not how you can conduct your business but how you reach the target market.

Capturing the Target Market

Things can become a little complicated when it comes to identifying the target market and capturing potential clients for the real estate business. Traditional methods of managing public relations may not be enough. Similarly, only utilizing the digital trends of marketing is definitely not sufficient to reach the target market. Identifying, targeting, and converting relevant people in the industry requires the implementation of both orthodox and latest digital marketing strategies. Even though it may seem like the most challenging task, combining both is the perfect way to accomplish your real estate marketing goals.

Digital Marketing

With the advent of the Internet, things took a stark turn for the marketing world’s people. People were no longer into television commercials or ads on the billboards. It was all about the websites. These things became the rage. Especially if we go back to the 2000s, every information available on Google and the Internet was considered a part of the holy grail. At that point in time, the real estate organizations that grasped digital marketing’s importance quickly implemented it in their marketing strategies. Ten to twenty years down the line, if you do not have an online presence, people do not trust your business at all.

Digital Marketing & Press Releases

To stand out amongst their competitors, real estate giants started to publish their press releases on different websites’ online forums. Furthermore, they were also posted on various news websites. Unexpectedly, this was a big success, and overwhelmingly positive responses were received. The process of distributing press releases on the Internet makes things easy, smooth, and a lot less complicated.

Google made ample space for press releases in the world of real estate marketing. With the introduction of search engine optimization (SEO), press releases’ content started playing a vital for the rankings and popularity of a real estate organization. The press release distribution process in the online world has paved the way to great success for organizations. Those who have integrated press releases with their digital marketing strategies reap multiple benefits. Not only has their rankings in the Google search engine improved, but they also increase the visibility chances of your business.  

Social Media Marketing

No discussion about modern marketing techniques can be completed without acknowledging the role of social media. From driving full-blown revolutions to influencing people on their purchases, social platforms have firm control over the world. No marketing strategy for a real estate business is completed without a robust social media marketing strategy in its place. But on its own, no marketing strategy can take the company to soar heights.

Social Media Marketing & Press Releases

By merging social media with a press release, marketing experts in the real estate industry can give their strategies the required boost and distinguish themselves against their competitors. While many people assume that press releases are obsolete and should not be utilized in the marketing strategy, this cannot be farther from the truth. Many giants in the real estate industry tend to miss out on this perfect marketing opportunity.

The Good, The Bad, & Everything in Between

Here are some of the primary reasons why the real estate industry must incorporate press releases in its marketing strategies.  

 Control Your Story

The first press release was written after a horrible train accident. Before the public and media could form their own opinion about the incident, a publicist of the Railway organization published a detailed yet precise story of the accident. This way, the Railway image was saved. Only that information the organization wanted to share with the world was distributed. Smart, right? You can do the same for your business.

By writing a real estate press release, you can let the whole world know about your side of the story. Whether you are a startup or a fully flourished organization, writing and distributing press releases to keep the world updated is mandatory.

Boost Your SEO

Would you not love it if a person entered a particular keyword such as “house” or “foreclosure” on Google Search and your website pops up on the first page? With such a dense real estate market, this is the dream of every online business owner. You can now turn this dream into a reality by writing, publishing, and distributing your press releases on websites. Shocking, right?

To better understand how that is possible, you must be aware of search engine optimization. This concept is the rage these days. It controls everything in the digital world. High ranks in Google Search guarantee a boost to your visibility and reach. Some SEO experts may negate the notion that press releases do not improve SEO directly for your website. But, we can guarantee you, publishing more content on various platforms plays a vital role in indirect search engine optimization.

Increased Content for Social Media

Every real estate business is found on social media these days. Without your presence on social media, you can say goodbye to many customers looking for their business online. When you write a good press release, you can share it on different social platforms, particularly Twitter. You can drive the traffic from your social media to the URL of your press release (and your press release can take your readers to your real estate platform).

Catchy phrases in your press release can be used to post later on white Tweeting or updating your status on Facebook. Your press release content can create a buzzing sensation all over the Internet. Images for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook can be generated with the content of your press releases. All in all, writing and distributing press releases can give a boost to your social media presence.  

Create Permanent Presence

When you distribute and publish press releases on different websites, they stay there forever (in most cases). For this reason, whatever big or small announcements you make must remain in the online world forever!

The real estate industry is all about trust. When a potential customer looks up your history in the online world, they may come across your press releases. Your online presence with truthful information about your practices and announcements can create a substantial impact on your customers’ minds. They will see your history as a successful business in the real estate industry. The chance of their conversion will increase drastically.

Measure Press Release Performance

In the real estate business, everything is about numbers. This puts pressure on your marketing team to utilize a press release distribution strategy in the real estate industry. But fear not, brave marketers! Today, you can measure the number of likes, clicks, views, reads, and much more related to your press release. As someone working in the real estate business, you must have a clear picture of how your promotional and marketing strategies are performing. Similarly, if you publish your press releases in the online world, you can easily track their performance.

Detailed reports are present to judge where your press release is standing and understand your press release’s performance overall. These reports include the response that your press release received from the social media platforms. Through social hearing techniques, your marketing team in the real estate industry can calculate the total number of shout-outs and acknowledgments of different bloggers and traditional outlets.  

Writing a Real Estate Oriented Press Release

Before you get to the distribution of the press release, it is better to focus on writing the perfect press release to target the audience’s real estate industry. Here is a quick guide of what to include and where to place the right information.

  • The Length

We cannot emphasize this enough, but the length of your press release really matters! Make sure it is only one-page long. Sure, if there are a lot of images in your press release, the length may increase. It is essential to understand that it should not be bombarded with unreasonably lengthy text by one-pager press release.

Always remember, your audience is the journalists, bloggers, or social influencers working in the real estate industry. They do not have the time to read thousands of words about your announcements.

  • The 5 W’s & the How

Before you dive into the process of writing your real estate press release, it is mandatory to sit with yourself and answer the following questions:

Who are you writing for? Why are you writing your press release? 

What is your press release about? 

When is the event happening?

Where is the event happening?

And the most critical question to answer which most real estate press release writers forget to answer:

How will your audience in the real estate industry be affected by it?

Once you provide a thorough answer to these questions, your press release content becomes precise and to the point. It also covers every aspect of the information that is to be shared with the audience.  

  • The Headline and Lede

Your real estate press release becomes utterly useless without the perfect headline. Make sure the headline is catchy, attention-grabbing, and conveys the information at the same time. As you must have noticed, most headlines in the real estate press releases are quite long. This is another trick to catch the attention of the readers and get them to keep reading.

The leading paragraph (known as the lede) should continue the headline. It must be precise, summarizing, and straightforward. Do not use jargon and complicated language when it comes to writing the headlines and even the lede. In fact, the whole press release must be written in simple and straightforward language. Don’t forget, journalists, bloggers, and other PR members of real estate organizations do not have the time to go through complicated content and extract the required data. Therefore, keep things very simple.

  • Contact Information

Do not forget to add contact information at the end of your press release. Remember, when a potential client is interested in reading your press release until the end, they are genuinely interested in what you are offering. This is why it is best to provide a working phone number, email address, and a website URL in the contact information of your real estate press release. This will help in redirecting your potential clients to your own website. And suppose they are genuinely interested in the news announced in your real estate press release. In that case, they can contact you directly and get started!

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Final Words

Despite the widespread belief that real estate press releases are obsolete, press releases’ usefulness still increases every passing day. There are hundreds of benefits involved in the world of marketing when it comes to real estate press release distribution. To increase your visibility and online presence in the real estate industry, ensure that you write, publish, and distribute your press releases regularly.

It does not matter whether your organization is big or small; your real estate business will reap benefits from the whole process. The return on investment for press release distribution is very high. It is measured easily through detailed analytics and distribution reports. Start working on the process of distributing press releases immediately. You will unlock the missing steps to boost your marketing strategies unlike any of your competitors in the real estate industry.

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