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What We Do


Wire.RealEstate is the pioneer of the real estate press release segment and guarantees the best industry-leading press release distribution known to man. We provide pinpoint targeting to capture the intended audience’s attention that’s suitable for your real estate business with our incredibly cost-efficient pay-as-you-go packages that perform better than advertised.



Our real estate press release distribution’s crown jewel is the many different distribution channels we offer and the incredible range of translations that our AI-driven real estate press release distribution system provides. You can have your real estate press release translated into nine different languages, including Chinese, Russian, Korean and Dutch. This increases the reach of your real estate press release to a broader audience, not to mention the SEO benefits that entail it.

With VDA’s (Virtual Digital Assistants) cementing their place in today’s interconnected world, we rely more on Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant for our everyday needs. That is why, for the optimal real estate press release distribution, we will also broadcast the release on these popular VDAs to ensure your release’s distribution to more than a billion devices worldwide.

Voice control

Paid promotion

We also run a paid advertising campaign for your real estate press release to ensure that your release never gets ignored or lost in the sea.

News is digital in 21st century. Gone are the radio and the TV. It’s all Apple News and Google News. So, for your real estate press release to benefit from exposure to 50 million and more subscribers, we offer to post your press release de real estate on Apple News and Google News; no additional charges whatsoever.

Demographic targeting

Demographic targeting

With pinpoint accuracy for geographic and demographic targeting, our real estate press release distribution service ensures the dispersion of the release to the intended audience by their age, interests as well as state and city—precision-based targeting down to the zip code.


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